Video surveillance system of the new generation

Rcam is a system of video surveillance of the XXI century. It lets you see and hear what’s going on in your absence. You can watch the video in real time on your computer or smartphone, wherever you are.

As easy as to start a browser

All functions are accessible from any web browser on any operating system. You simply enter your username and password and get into Rcam.

All popular web browsers are supported. No need to install any additional plug-ins or applications.

Your smartphone is your video surveillance centre.

Rcam works on all modern phones. It can be installed as an application or run from a mobile browser.

Watch video with sound in real-time find the right moments in the archive.

All control is based on simple gestures. Rcam is easy and convenient to use.

Rcam works wherever there is the Internet

You are no longer tied to your cameras. Rcam is always with you in your smartphone and laptop. The only thing you need is the access to the Internet.

Video surveillance as a movie

There are 25 frames per second and full sound. On the computer, tablet and smartphone.

This was made possible thanks to technology of professional Internet broadcasting that we have implemented in Rcam.

25 frames per second
full sound

Powerful and reliable infrastructure

Rcam’s design is simple but behind there is a large hardware and software infrastructure.

We have developed applications for the cloud and local servers, set up our own network of servers around the world and provide maximum security for the transmission of your video data.

smartphone or tablet
PC and Mac

Elaborate optimization

Balancing between the quality of the video stream and the speed of Internet connection, we have created our own protocol.

LiS (light image stream) is a very smart protocol. It saves up to 63% of the traffic, sends the video stream without delay in real time, and thus, is able to work at the lowest speed of the Internet connection.

  • without quality loss
  • without delays
  • with any Internet connection

Rcam is compatible with all cameras

You can expand the capabilities of an existing video surveillance system by installing Rcam.

We support all modern IP-cameras that operate via RTSP and ONVIF.

Does it really work?

We often hear that there are similar products for mobile phones that have been used for quite a long period of time, but when it comes down to it, it turns out that there is no sound, history is not available, the frames per second does not work.

However Rcam really works and we want to show our system to you.